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Focusing Teaching:

I train people how to Focus both individually and in groups.

I teach The Focusing Institute’s 2 year program where I train and supervise both psychotherapists, and non-therapists, to become internationally certified Focusing Oriented Psychotherapists, or Focusing Teachers and Trainers.

I also teach people who simply want to lean how to focus and I do this both individually and in groups. This course can either be 3 days of group teaching on the weekends, or up to 8 sessions individual 1 hour sessions. It is also possible just to have 1 or 2 sessions to just dip your toe in and have the experience of Focusing to see if it is for you.

Day workshops start at $150 and individual sessions are $125. I teach both in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, as well as in Manhattan and via Skype.

Please contact me to ask for further details.

Psychotherapy Supervision:

Individual and Group Psychotherapy Supervision:

I supervise therapists who want to bring Focusing into their practice and I do this both individually, and in groups. I also supervise psychotherapists internationally using Skype.