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In our complicated and pressured lives we often experience relationship problems, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, or other emotional difficulties. It can be so frustrating and exhausting feeling stuck and as if you can't find a way through on your own.

My name is Charlotte Howorth and as a psychotherapist for over 17 years I work with individuals, groups, couples, families, and children in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

In addition to my private practice I am the Clinical Consultant to an acclaimed New York State Social Work agency, CHDFS. I also supervise, teach, and conduct workshops internationally.

I believe that deep inside of all of us are the answers to our own dilemmas, questions, and growth.

My job is to facilitate this process of discovery which produces its own unique, and new, and life changing forward steps.

Please feel free to
Email or call with any questions. We can then talk on the phone and set up an appointment for an initial meeting.

All the very best,